Solar Power in Dunedin

So how does solar power work?

Solar power is one of the world’s fastest-growing energy resources and is now more affordable than ever. With a great return on your investment, it’s easy to make the smart choice. The sun provides us with a perfect power source.

Grid-tied systems harness the sun's rays and convert them into electricity to be used in your home. Solar power is not reliant on heat, only sunlight and UV rays, Dunedin receives 1600 sunshine hours a year which makes it an ideal area to benefit from Solar power usage.

People are becoming more aware of the need for cost-effective renewable energy sources. Solar is proving to be just that, with no pollution, no emissions and no carbon footprint, easy to set up and eco-friendly, it ticks all the boxes.

Does it perform well in Dunedin?

You maybe surprised to know that a well installed PV solar system, in Dunedin, with a good northerly aspect and little or no shading issues, will have a similar performance or better than, a similar system, in many areas of the North island including some areas of Auckland. This performance advantage, even with less solar radiation, occurs because of the colder temperatures experienced in the Dunedin climate, which allow for lower levels of performance degradation, due to panel heat. 

Most solar panels are tested and rated at a temperature of 25 Deg C and this is the temperature where the panel will produce its maximum rated power. However, in Dunedin, we can have a temperature of 20 deg C, with full sun, lifting the panel temperature to well over the 25 Deg C threshold. However when we factor in the slight to medium strength, cool wind, which we experience most days, the cooling factor can lower the panel temperature to even below 25 Deg C, which can push the output to more than the rated power of the panel.

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