Keen to get solar, but overwhelmed?

Need someone local to provide, clear, personalised advice you can trust? Then Solar Guys is for you.

Solar Guys - Your Local Dunedin Solar Power Professionals

Are you looking for someone local to provide, clear, personalised advice you can trust? Then Solar Guys is for you!

We created SolarGuys NZ to offer a personalised solution to your solar power needs. We pride ourselves on providing clear, reliable advice when navigating the opportunities that solar power can offer.

So why choose us?

We're locals too, so you have the peace of mind using a local business that will be here for you when you need us most. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of poor solar power installs and heard from people who did not get the results promised. The solar market is a minefield, so let Solar Guys help you to get the best possible result and outcome for your home.

At Solar guys NZ, our installers are fully qualified local electricians for VBE (Victor Brown Electrical). All installs are completed with strict adherence to workplace safety for our installers and for you.

We offer hybrid systems (with battery storage), or the option to sell your excess back to the power companies.

5 reasons to choose Solar Guys


Local - we're local and always have been. You're not dealing with some faceless company from out of the area.


Price - we import directly from manufacturers so we can offer the best value.


Confidence - our warranties extend beyond the standard manufacturers warranty, so you can be confident in our work.


Speed - we have a 2 to 3 day installation time, minimising the impact on you and your property.


Fully certified - we are Master Electricians, are on the Electrical Workers Registration Board  and everything we supply complies with the NZ Code of Compliance.

So what are the steps?

Once we have completed a full solar assessment on your home, we sit down together with you and explain your options. We produce a solar installation plan that takes into account the type and angle of your roof, the location of your inverter and any necessary upgrades that may be required for your switch board and meter. An independent electrical inspector comes to your home and reviews all the work to ensure it fully complies.